Price Basis : Prices quoted in our offer are Special to you and in INR : Indian Rupees. Prices are F.O.R – First Destination Point. Prices are inclusive of standard packing and any special packing would be to your account. Prices are exclusive of GST and any duties / levies as applicable. Any statutory changes, as applicable, shall be to your account. Loading/Unloading and Mathadi, transportation shall be to client account

Payment : 100% advance before dispatch of material

Delivery : 28 Days from the date of receipt of your technically and commercially clear order for all standard products.

Warranty : Our luminaires have a standard warranty period of 12 months from the date of Invoice against any manufacturing defect.

Validity : Unless previously withdrawn, our offer is valid for 30 days from the date of offer. the offer.

Force Majeure : Delivery of your order is subject to Force Majeure conditions.

Disclaimer : The Company reserves the right to review and amend the Terms and Conditions of Sales, time to time, as per the business need.

Order Execution : The Company reserves the right to execute order through any of authorised brands.